Monday, January 27, 2014

Does golfer Jordan Spieth need a go-to shot or go-to attitude?

Cameron Morfit, Senior Writer at GOLF Magazine, wrote that "Jordan Spieth is contending almost every time he plays, and once he finds a go-to shot he'll be hard to beat."

But I disagree, my take is that professional golfer Jordan Spieth already HAS a go-to shot, he just needs a go-to attitude to help him bring it out when he needs it, when it counts.

You see this a lot with professional golfers. They've got the shots, but when the pressure is on, the shots seem to evaporate, almost as it they have a belief, below the surface, that they won't make it.

What they need is to build the attitude and belief that they have the ability to do, in competition, what they have done in practice, time and time again.

David Kenward - The Mental Coach