Sunday, January 19, 2020

Three ways to get past grief that's holding you back

The reason people can't get past grief is that they have unfinished business stored deep in their belief system. For some reason, that belief system - driven by a powerful emotion or feeling such as anger, fear, sadness, pain or guilt - is stopping them from letting go.

Whether it's of the loss of a loved one, a relationship, job, pet, celebrity, house, financial nest egg, or something else, grieving is the natural process of processing that loss. The time it takes varies, but the desired end result is accepting and moving forward. But what when you can't? What do you do then?

Here are three ideas you can try to get past the grief.

First, have you successfully processed grief in the past? If so, write down how you did it. How did it look, sound and feel? Maybe this is a process that you can repeat with your current situation.

Second, have you shared how you feel or have you kept it locked inside? Keeping it locked inside is like having a pressure cooker with no release valve. You have to get out how you feel, release the pressure, or you'll blow.

Third, give yourself a perspective check. Sometimes we take personal responsibility for things that were out of our control. Letting ourselves be aware of that can help us let go.

If these don't work, you might need something stronger to blast through that belief system holding you back. The way I do it takes three-to-five sessions, contact me to learn more.

David Kenward - The Mental Coach

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