The big lesson learned from the Masters playoff

What a wild finish to the Masters! And from a mental game point of view, what a powerful lesson that can be used in your game, whatever it is.

That lesson: just because you're in the woods, doesn't mean it's over!

When Angel Cabrera hit his playoff shot into the woods, it would be easy to think he was through. But I bet that he followed Sam Snead's advice, "Forget your opponents; always play against par."

In other words, focus on what YOU are doing and the results YOU want.

You see, when you do that, it takes a lot of the game-limiting pressure away. Some pressure is good, it can give you that little extra to help you do your best. But when you have too much pressure, you can't do your best.

Congratulations to Angel Cabrera for keeping his focus and using that focus to win the mental game.

David Kenward - The Mental Coach

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