The Sports Secret I Learned From The Sundance Kid

In the movie 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,' Butch was auditioning Sundance for his shooting skills with a pistol. Butch told Sundance to shoot at a target. Sundance aimed his pistol at the target, fired and missed. Butch wasn't impressed.

Then Sundance said that he usually shoots better another way. He put his pistol back in his holster, then quickly drew and fired in one motion, hitting the target over and over.

I see lots of players doing the same thing. They think too much about trying to hit the target and the result is they over analyze, second-guess themselves and miss.

The sports performance secret you can learn from the Sundance Kid? Whether it's throwing a baseball or hitting a golf ball, fix the target in your mind and then stop thinking about it. Let your skills, ability and experience take over and just let it flow.

That's one part of winning the mental game, trusting your ability, and is an important key to peak performance and demand and getting the competitive edge.

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